Are you one of the thousands that said “No!” and is now forced into a career change?

You are not alone, ECM Consulting have the experience and knowledge to help you through this unprecedented time. 

Over the last 20 months, the world population has lived a life of uncertainties through experiencing lockdowns, which mandated small to medium businesses to close down for long periods at a time. 

The outcome of this, resulted in employees losing jobs due to business closures. Now we are experiencing a turning point where employers and state governments are mandating vaccines for employees.

Many employees, who want to exercise their freedom of choice  are saying: No and not consenting to the mandates.

In the last couple of weeks, I have provided services to several clients/employees who do not consent to the mandates, have been in their current job for 20+ years; and are now being forced to look at a career change and new career direction.

These employees are now feeling uncertain about their skill sets and abilities, and how they can transition their current experience and skills into another career direction.

As a professional resume writer with over 18 years experience, this is where I come in. 

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Discovering and Unlocking Skills Sets

When you come to see me as a client/job seeker, we will work together to analyse and assess your current skillset. From there we will gain an understanding of any transferable skills that you will be able to take into your next job and/or new career direction. 

Often, clients will be amazed at certain skills they didn’t realise they had or thought were beneficial. 

What are New Employers Looking For?

When you are applying for a new job your resume and application documents must be tailored to what the potential new employer is looking for. 

The hiring manager or the recruiter will have specific requirements for the position, and they will only want to read whether you have the right skills and abilities to bring to the workplace. 

Through my signature Personal Branding program and initial consultation, I facilitate a SWOT Analysis to identify client’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The information gathered is used to develop a client’s bio or profile for both their resume and LinkedIn Profile (and yes employers will look here to gain a better understanding or perspective about you). 

Getting Confident and Standing Out

lady at computer doing job application - ECM Consulting | Evolve, Coach, Mentor

Getting a professional resume is only one part of the job seeking/career transformation process. Making sure your online persona and Personal Brand are reflective of worthy candidate for the position. And then there is of course, the interview stage where you need to be prepared and confident so that you can Stand Out from the crowd. 

ECM Consulting’s “Stand Out – Personal Branding Program” is a highly valuable tool to help you with the job seeking and career transition. 

Click below to find out more about the Personal Branding Program.

Feel free to reach out for a quick chat. I offer free initial consultations via phone or in person. 

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Whatever stage you are at with your job searching or career change, know that you are not alone and ECM can help give you the guidance you need. 

Best of Luck,

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