As everyone slows down for Christmas Festivities, now is a good time to get organised for the job searching in the new year.


I just recently read an article on LinkedIn by Cayla Dengate, who stated that the job market is headed towards the “Great Resignation”, in the article PwC Australia quoted: “this phenomenon will in full swing by March 2022 driven by market stability, increased consumer confidence, the likely softening of interstate borders and the usual post-summer holiday recruitment activity”. See full article Here!

As the year draws to a close and people start thinking about Christmas festivities and holidays, whilst you have some downtime, this is a great time of the year to ensure you are job ready and to put your job search plan actions into place – “Competition for talent will intensify and those that fail to adapt and plan will take a big hit”.

The job hunting process can so daunting and time consuming, but the simple key to success is to learn about the jobs you are applying for and understand your skills, strengths and achievements that you can bring to the next job.

My 7 top tips to get Job Ready are:

1. Planning and preparation is the key – make sure you plan and organise your job searching efforts.

2. Work out what you can offer – undertake a SWOT and GAP Analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to gain a better understanding of your skill set and any gaps you need to address. The first module of my personal branding program goes into further details – Standing Out – Building Your Personal Brand” Program

3. Create or update your Resume – your resume should only be 2-3 pages and should be tailored for the next job (ie. using keywords/phrases in alignment with the job advertisement).

4. Create or update your LinkedIn Profile – recruiters or hiring managers are performing google searches of candidates and if your LinkedIn Profile is completed, it will appear in the top 3 of a Google search. LinkedIn is search engine optimised (SEO), so your profile needs to be keyword rich. LinkedIn is also a great platform for connecting and networking with meaningful connections.

5. Research – conduct research of your target companies and dream jobs to see if they are employing. LinkedIn is a great tool for researching and networking with key persons who work at your targeted companies. Also undertake research to gain an understanding of the current labour / job market and trends – this will assist you in responding to interview questions including: “Where would you like to be in 3 years time?” as you have gained an understanding where your role could be in the short-term future.

6. Link with Employers – contact employers directly, especially if the contact person is listed on the job advertisement. This is your chance to introduce yourself to the contact person and ask any questions you may have regarding the position.

7. Job Interviews – preparation is the key for upcoming job interviews.

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