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We help you develop your own personal branding to get you to stand out to potential employers and visible to your target company.


Benefits to Job Application Document & Personal Brand Coaching

Defining Your Brand

Increasing Your Visibility


Key Word & SEO Driven Documents

Application Tracking System (ATS) Compliant

Building Your Brand & Credibility

Increase Your Networks

Achieving Career Satisfaction

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Job Application Documents

Not confident your job application documents are really selling you or are professional. Do they lack keywords/phrases? Not being invited to interviews? Our job application documents are professionally developed in accordance with today’s job market trends and recruitment automation software.

  • Portrays your uniqueness and sells your values
  • Skills and achievements that will set you apart from other job applicants.

Job Application Documents include:

  • Resumes
  • Letters
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Interview Coaching
  • and other job application documents
  • Face-to-face or phone consultations

Job Ready


The average time a recruiter looks at your resume is 6 seconds.

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Personal Branding Coaching and Strategy Sessions

In today’s complex job market, skills and talent alone are not enough – you need to improve your personal brand and visibility to your target audience and networks. The workshops are tailored to clients needs, whether it is school students, job seekers or business owners.

  • Discover who you are (ie. values, beliefs, skills, passions and achievements)
  • What makes you unique? Your stories are your Personal Brand
  • Identify and build your Personal Brand
  • Increase your awareness of your Personal Brand

The 4 module program is tailored for both job seekers and small to medium business owners – increasing clients awareness on how to build their personal brand and manage their online and offline reputation.

Corporate Personal Branding Program – for businesses/employers to identify if they are fully utilising their staff members’ talents, skills and passions, and to improve the business’ team culture.

Personal Branding Programs Sessions includes:

  • 90-minute Strategy/Coaching Sessions
  • Questionnaires & Worksheets
  • Skills Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Personal Branding Documents
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Email or Telephone Follow-Up



“You Are Your Own Brand”

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