Starting a new chapter in a new city comes with its own set of exciting challenges. The main one is landing that perfect job! But do not worry, because ECM Consulting has got your back with some handy tips to kickstart your job searching in Toowoomba:

1. Network, Network, Network!

Toowoomba is all about community, and networking is the name of the game. Attend local events, join and/or volunteer at local sporting or recreations clubs, and don’t forget to connect with professionals in your industry. Networking and volunteering open many doors!

2. Polish That Resume with ECM Consulting’s Touch!

Be ready to make your resume stand out? Meet Katie, our local resume wizard! With her expertise, your resume will be a shining beacon in the job market. Swing by and let Katie sprinkle some magic on your career journey.

3. Embrace Social Media for Job Searching In the digital age – social media is your friend:

Follow local businesses, join job groups, and keep an eye on our Job Hot Spot Facebook group for exciting opportunities and insider tips.

4. Explore Toowoomba’s Unique Job Landscape:

Toowoomba boasts a diverse job market. Whether you’re into hospitality, healthcare, education or Information Technology, explore what makes our city tick. You might just stumble upon your dream job where you least expect it!

5. Seek Guidance from Career Services from our local University and TAFE College, who offer fantastic career services:

Don’t hesitate to tap into these resources. They’re there to guide you, provide career advice and help you chart your professional course.

Embrace the Toowoomba Magic! Toowoomba is more than a city; it’s a community that embraces new faces and celebrates diversity. As you embark on this journey, remember that your potential is limitless. Connect, explore and let Toowoomba become the canvas for your dreams. Welcome to Toowoomba and wishing you all the best with new your academic studies and a thriving career in Toowoomba!

Please contact Katie Robertson-Kelk – Mobile: 0409 866456 or Email: – if you need assistance with the professional development of your resume and other job application documents.