The short answer is No.

Your LinkedIn Profile adds value to your resume and gives you the capacity to add more detailed information and sell your personal brand to hiring managers and/or recruiters? Your LinkedIn Profile optimises your search by recruiters and/or hiring managers, gives you the opportunity to tell your career story to rise above your competition and inspire actions from your profile readers.

The most important areas of your LinkedIn Profile are the following:

  1. Headline (using keywords with a 220 character limit)


  2. Profile Summary (About Section) – it is important real estate and is the most crucial section on your profile, as it is one of the first things people will see on your profile (ie. 2,600 character limit or 370 words) – to hook your readers, make a great impression and entice them to want to read more.


  3. Profile Banner – your piece of real estate on LinkedIn and a place to showcase your personal brand.

Did you know that you can land more job interviews, and get noticed and be more visible to prospective employers and/or recruiters by making your LinkedIn Profile keyword rich and optimised? As the Profile Summary is the most crucial section in your profile, here is a few reasons why you need to improve your Summary / About section:

  1. Makes a great 1st Impression – it’s the first thing readers will see and its your introductory business card at the top of your profile. The first elements are visible to readers visiting your profile on both mobile and desktop version (ie. readers will see the first 300 characters of your profile summary and then click “read more” to open up the full description).


  2. Chance to tell your story or Personal Brand – this section is a great place inject your personality, in a professional way and use your own authentic voice to let hiring managers and/or recruiters see who you are, what you care about and what skills and/or experience you can bring to positions (including any achievements, awards and your motivations).


  3. LinkedIn uses Summary for search results – this section can strengthen your searchability and bring you to the forefront above other similar candidates. Ensure you include: skills, job titles and/or industry keywords.


  4. Writing the best LinkedIn Summary for job searches – start strong, keyword rich, show off your achievements and what makes you great at your job. (Source: Jobscan)

Katie Robertson-Kelk – Director/Owner of ECM Consulting has over 17 years’ experience professionally developed and optimised job seekers’ LinkedIn Profiles and other job application documents for clients. She has received numerous recommendations on LinkedIn from her clients, who have been successful in gaining employment through their LinkedIn Profile including: “I could not be happier with the services provided by Katie. Katie is efficient, professional and understands what you are wanting to achieve and ensures your expectations are met. I highly recommend booking an appointment with Katie she offers exceptional service.” – NC – Safety Advisor.

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