Tell a Fairy Tale Day – 26 February

Tell a Fairy Tale Day – 26 February

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Jobsworth, there lived a young and ambitious individual named Alex. Alex had just graduated from the University of Dreams with a degree in DreamJobology and was keen to embark on a journey to find the perfect job. However, navigating the job market proved to be more challenging than Alex had anticipated.

One day, feeling disheartened, frustrated and low esteem after a series of unsuccessful job interviews, Alex stumbled upon a mysterious shop tucked away in a quiet corner of the city. The sign above the door read “Katie’s Employment Charms and Magic,” and curiosity got the better of him. Entering the shop, Alex was greeted by a warm and friendly figure, Katie, who seemed to radiate positivity and confidence.

Katie, a wise and experienced Career Development Consultant Magician (ECM), sensed Alex’s struggles and offered to help. She handed Alex a magical device known as the “ECM Wand,” which she called Katie’s All-Task Enabler. With a twinkle in her eye, she explained, “Wave this wand and it will guide you to the job that aligns perfectly with your skills, passion and aspirations.”

Excited and hopeful, Alex took the ECM Wand and followed its guidance through a series of enchanting challenges. Along the way, the wand presented opportunities that matched Alex’s unique qualities and preferences. There were riddles that tested problem-solving skills, puzzles that showcased creativity and a maze that represented perseverance.

As Alex conquered each challenge, the wand lit up with a brilliant glow, signalling that the perfect job was drawing nearer. Finally, at the end of the journey, Alex found a door that led to the DreamJob Castle; and behind it awaited the career of a lifetime—a position that blended Alex’s passion, skills and personal values.

Overjoyed, Alex thanked Katie for being the guiding light in the job-seeking adventure. Katie, with a twirl of her magical cloak, revealed that her mission was to help dreamers like Alex discover their true potential and find fulfillment in their professional lives.

From that day forward, every year on February 26th, people in Jobsworth celebrated World Fairy Tale Day in honour of the magical journey that led to the perfect job. Katie’s Employment Charms and Magic became a beacon of hope for job seekers; and the tale of Alex’s adventure was passed down from one generation to the next, inspiring countless dreamers to believe in the magic of finding the job that made their hearts sing.

And so, in the enchanting city of Jobsworth, the legacy of Katie, the Career Development Consultant Magician, lived on, reminding everyone that with a sprinkle of magic and a dash of determination and dreams could indeed come true.

No fairy tale needed, if you are seeking your dream job contact Katie to help get your resume dream job ready.

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Navigating a New Chapter: Tips for Job Hunting in Toowoomba

Navigating a New Chapter: Tips for Job Hunting in Toowoomba

Starting a new chapter in a new city comes with its own set of exciting challenges. The main one is landing that perfect job! But do not worry, because ECM Consulting has got your back with some handy tips to kickstart your job searching in Toowoomba:

1. Network, Network, Network!

Toowoomba is all about community, and networking is the name of the game. Attend local events, join and/or volunteer at local sporting or recreations clubs, and don’t forget to connect with professionals in your industry. Networking and volunteering open many doors!

2. Polish That Resume with ECM Consulting’s Touch!

Be ready to make your resume stand out? Meet Katie, our local resume wizard! With her expertise, your resume will be a shining beacon in the job market. Swing by and let Katie sprinkle some magic on your career journey.

3. Embrace Social Media for Job Searching In the digital age – social media is your friend:

Follow local businesses, join job groups, and keep an eye on our Job Hot Spot Facebook group for exciting opportunities and insider tips.

4. Explore Toowoomba’s Unique Job Landscape:

Toowoomba boasts a diverse job market. Whether you’re into hospitality, healthcare, education or Information Technology, explore what makes our city tick. You might just stumble upon your dream job where you least expect it!

5. Seek Guidance from Career Services from our local University and TAFE College, who offer fantastic career services:

Don’t hesitate to tap into these resources. They’re there to guide you, provide career advice and help you chart your professional course.

Embrace the Toowoomba Magic! Toowoomba is more than a city; it’s a community that embraces new faces and celebrates diversity. As you embark on this journey, remember that your potential is limitless. Connect, explore and let Toowoomba become the canvas for your dreams. Welcome to Toowoomba and wishing you all the best with new your academic studies and a thriving career in Toowoomba!

Please contact Katie Robertson-Kelk – Mobile: 0409 866456 or Email: – if you need assistance with the professional development of your resume and other job application documents.

10 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

10 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

We have now landed in the second half of 2023!!

Have you updated your LinkedIn Profile this year? Do you have a LinkedIn Profile? A LinkedIn profile is must if you are job searching in today’s job market.

This is a great time to take stock of your LinkedIn Profile to capture your achievements, both professionally and personally, update any position or employment changes, or completion of any courses or qualifications. Over the last 20 years, so many of my clients have stated they cannot remember what they achieved in their positions – LinkedIn is a great tool to keep your achievements and responsibilities update to date.

Remember to consistently update your profile, stay active in your networks, follow potential employers and provide valuable content, which will help boost your LinkedIn presence and increase your chances of attracting job opportunities.

The following 10 Tips will assist you with boosting your LinkedIn Profile:

1. Optimise your Headline:

craft a compelling headline that showcases your expertise and highlights your value proposition. Do not use your current job title in your Headline section. Your have 220 characters to make a standout impression (ie. when someone searches on LinkedIn using keywords – your profile name, image and headline are first shown).

2. Customise your URL:

personalise your LinkedIn profile URL to make it more professional, easier to share and searchable.

3. Profile Photo:

choose a high-quality and professional headshot photo that represents you well professionally.

4. Summary:

craft a concise and engaging summary that highlights your key skills, accomplishments and career goals. Your summary is your key to positioning yourself on LinkedIn. Its important to look at this section through the lens of your ideal employer or recruiter.

5. Showcase your Experience:

provide detailed descriptions of your current and past positions – highlighting your achievements and responsibilities. Your profile is about your future, NOT your past. With 2,000 characters available for each position, it’s to be used as a search engine optimisation (SEO) personal marketing tool.

6. Include relevant keywords:

incorporate industry-specific keywords and/or phrases throughout your profile to improve your visibility in search results. Key areas for keywords are the Headline, Summary, Experience, Skills and Recommendations.

7. Request Recommendations:

reach out to colleagues, managers/supervisors and clients for recommendations that will reinforce your skills and expertise. What others say is more important than what we say about ourselves, as it’s a validation of your skills and experience. A well-written recommendation should include SEO keywords or phrases.

8. Join relevant Groups:

engage in industry-specific groups to expand your network, share insights and demonstrate your knowledge. You can join up to 50 groups and by joining group discussion boards, it allows you to target specific clients, increase your reach, develop expert credibility and create partnerships with like-minded people.

9. Publish and share content:

share and write articles/posts, industry news and valuable insights to establish yourself as a thought leader or industry expert in your field.

10. Engage with others:

interact with your connections by commenting, liking and sharing their posts to increase your visibility and build relationships. Grow your connections to a minimum of 500 connections.

For more tips – go to my website to purchase my latest tips bundle –

ECM Consulting is a trusted personal branding and resume writing business in Toowoomba. With almost two decades of experience, Katie has helped many clients develop a strong personal brand and improve their job application documents. Through her personalised services, she has been able to build a network of satisfied clients who have landed their dream jobs. Whether you need help with your resume, cover letter, selection criteria, interview skills, or LinkedIn profile, ECM Consulting can help.

Katie is the ECM Consulting Founder and Director.
Starting in 2003 as a professional resume writer, Katie has extensive experience in professionally developing job application documents for clients across all occupations and levels, both in the public and private sectors.

If you are wanting to forge ahead with confidence into your next career position or promotion, feel free to reach out for chat. Together, we can help you Stand Out from the crowd.

Case Study: ECM Consulting Helps Prepare Client’s First Resume in 34 Years

Case Study: ECM Consulting Helps Prepare Client’s First Resume in 34 Years

Katie at ECM Consulting was efficient, friendly, professional and helpful whilst preparing my first resume in 34 years. I was successful in my application and now, one year later an update was required, and the same friendly professional service was given”. – Flight Attendant, Tanya.

Finding a New Job After a 30 Year Career

After over 30 years as a Flight Attendant, Tanya (name changed for privacy) was unable to continue in her industry. Upset and unsure of what to do next or how to proceed with finding a new job, she approached ECM Consulting for assistance with the professional development of her resume and application letters for suitable positions.

Tanya was lacking confidence and not sure how to sell her transferrable skills for other suitable positions. I clearly explained my process and how we needed to sell her transferrable skills relevant for the next jobs she was applying for. 

Focusing on Existing Skills & Strengths 

Tanya’s skills and strengths included concise interpersonal, 1st class customer service, strong time management and team skills; and the ability of working well under pressure and on the spot problem solving. 

With a brand new resume and application letter, Tanya was offered a customer service position in another industry.

Bringing Your Transferrable Skills & Experience into Your Next Job

If you have experienced something similar to Tanya, where you’re moving on from a specific career and unsure of what to do next,  please reach out so we can discuss your transferrable skills, experience and strengths that you can bring to your next promotion or new position; and also help you achieve your career goals for 2023.

Click HEREto book a service package or happy to speak with you further regarding your resume needs.

Katie is the ECM Consulting Founder and Director.
Starting in 2003 as a professional resume writer, Katie has extensive experience in professionally developing job application documents for clients across all occupations and levels, both in the public and private sectors.

If you are wanting to forge ahead with confidence into your next career position or promotion, feel free to reach out for chat. Together, we can help you Stand Out from the crowd.

5 Hot Job Search Tips – Landing a Job during a Pandemic!

5 Hot Job Search Tips – Landing a Job during a Pandemic!

Listening to a video on LinkedIn the other day, it was predicted that there would be “great resignation” in March 2022, however, the Australian presenter stated that we won’t see it happen as much in Australia. Some interesting statistics he did mention:

  • Australia’s staff turnover has doubled over the last 12 months; ie. from 10% to 21%.
  • Job advertisements have increased by 50% since pre-covid.
  • Number of job advertisements on Seek in November 2021 was 300,000+.

Following those statistics, this is a great time to be looking for a job and it is also proof that it’s currently an ever-changing job market. However, you need to adopt the following job search tips, to improve your chances of “landing your dream job”:

  1. Extending your Job Search

Did you know there is a hidden job market, which includes more than scrolling through Seek and online job boards? One of the most important search tips is networking, both online and offline. 

Firstly, consider your current network and connect with people who you know (including past employers, colleagues and other connections) to let them know you are seeking new employment opportunities. Secondly, expand your existing network – LinkedIn is a great online tool for this (ECM Consulting LinkedIn).

As part of your job search, don’t forget to check out the company’s websites and LinkedIn pages for additional information and other employment vacancies.

  1. Personal Branding

Your Personal Brand is what differentiates you from others”.

This is a great time to define and build your Personal Brand – to identify and build your strengths, values, passions and achievements; and to promote your differences in your job application documents and LinkedIn Profile. Check out my self-paced online 4 module Personal Branding Program – to assist you with defining and improving your online/offline personal brand to consistently reinforce who you are in your career.

How a Personal Branding Helps Job Seekers?

A recruiter or hiring manager will likely search for a job seeker’s online presence at some point during the hiring process by conducting a Google search. Job seekers can benefit from having a professional and identifiable brand when they do their search. “No matter what position you are in, it’s a great time to set yourself apart from other applicants” stated Kanika Tolver, CEO and author of Career Rehab. She also suggested that job seekers should write articles and papers about their industries and expertise – LinkedIn is a great platform for this. 

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility and adaptability in employees are soft skills that will be looked upon favourably by employers, now more than ever. It shows that you embrace change and can easily adapt to what is required within the workplace. 

  1. Virtual Job Interviews

Across the current job market, virtual interviews have become the new norm, so it is crucial that you learn how to ace selling your skills, experience and suitability through an online platform; ie. treating the virtual interview, the same as face to face interviews (including arriving on time, being appropriately dressed and groomed in line with the culture of the company, maintaining eye contact, being courteous and respectful, and speaking clearly). Make sure you set up your computer in a room with a neutral backdrop, sufficient lighting, minimal background noise and a reliable internet connection.

Book now for 1:1 interview coaching session – to improve your interviewing skills.

  1. Working Remotely

As the saying goes, “the world is your oyster”. With the increase of jobs and working remotely now more widely accepted, it is definitely a great time to broaden your job search outside of your local area. Many companies have opened working from home arrangements for employees with perks included.

Get in touch with ECM Consulting HERE – to help you be job-ready for the career you deserve.

Does your LinkedIn replace your Resume?

Does your LinkedIn replace your Resume?

The short answer is No.

Your LinkedIn Profile adds value to your resume and gives you the capacity to add more detailed information and sell your personal brand to hiring managers and/or recruiters? Your LinkedIn Profile optimises your search by recruiters and/or hiring managers, gives you the opportunity to tell your career story to rise above your competition and inspire actions from your profile readers.

The most important areas of your LinkedIn Profile are the following:

  1. Headline (using keywords with a 220 character limit)


  2. Profile Summary (About Section) – it is important real estate and is the most crucial section on your profile, as it is one of the first things people will see on your profile (ie. 2,600 character limit or 370 words) – to hook your readers, make a great impression and entice them to want to read more.


  3. Profile Banner – your piece of real estate on LinkedIn and a place to showcase your personal brand.

Did you know that you can land more job interviews, and get noticed and be more visible to prospective employers and/or recruiters by making your LinkedIn Profile keyword rich and optimised? As the Profile Summary is the most crucial section in your profile, here is a few reasons why you need to improve your Summary / About section:

  1. Makes a great 1st Impression – it’s the first thing readers will see and its your introductory business card at the top of your profile. The first elements are visible to readers visiting your profile on both mobile and desktop version (ie. readers will see the first 300 characters of your profile summary and then click “read more” to open up the full description).


  2. Chance to tell your story or Personal Brand – this section is a great place inject your personality, in a professional way and use your own authentic voice to let hiring managers and/or recruiters see who you are, what you care about and what skills and/or experience you can bring to positions (including any achievements, awards and your motivations).


  3. LinkedIn uses Summary for search results – this section can strengthen your searchability and bring you to the forefront above other similar candidates. Ensure you include: skills, job titles and/or industry keywords.


  4. Writing the best LinkedIn Summary for job searches – start strong, keyword rich, show off your achievements and what makes you great at your job. (Source: Jobscan)

Katie Robertson-Kelk – Director/Owner of ECM Consulting has over 17 years’ experience professionally developed and optimised job seekers’ LinkedIn Profiles and other job application documents for clients. She has received numerous recommendations on LinkedIn from her clients, who have been successful in gaining employment through their LinkedIn Profile including: “I could not be happier with the services provided by Katie. Katie is efficient, professional and understands what you are wanting to achieve and ensures your expectations are met. I highly recommend booking an appointment with Katie she offers exceptional service.” – NC – Safety Advisor.

Reach out if you need assistance with the professional development and optimisation of your LinkedIn Profile. Click on the link for an appointment booking: