School Leavers – The Next Chapter!!

Year 12 students for 2021 will be starting a new chapter in 4 weeks – ie. leaving the safety of their school environment after 12 years and starting the next chapter of their lives. Whether it is undertaking university studies, undertaking a trade/apprenticeship, having a gap year or serving with the Defence Force (ie. my daughter will start with the ADF in February 2022) – securing full time or casual employment will be inevitable.

Before finishing school in November make sure your resume and personal brand is in order ready for the next life chapter of your life. Job seeking for casual or fulltime employment, is firstly making sure your resume is up to date and in alignment with today’s recruitment trends. Follow ECM Consulting for further resume and job searching tips on our social media channels (ie. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).

My top resume tips for school leavers include:

  1. Resume is written in 3rd Person – write your resume in third person and use active verbs to make your resume stronger.
  1. Career Summary – you need to catch the readers’ attention (ie. recruiter or hiring manager) within the first 2.5 to 6 seconds. The Career Summary is the most important part of your resume – enabling you to provide a summary of your background, qualification/s and skills that you can bring to the job; and needs to be tailored by using key rich words /phrases for each job that you are applying for.
  1. Employment Experience – detailing the name of employers, position titles, dates, duties/responsibilities and any achievements. List your employment in descending chronological order (ie. with your most current employment first). Also list any achievements including: any awards/recognitions and new initiatives you initiated in the workplace.
  1. Consistency – make sure your resume uses consistent language and style throughout the document (ie. use present and past tense respectively for current and past employment); and use bullet points to list your duties or responsibilities.
  1. Application Tracking Systems (ATS) – are a scanning software used by recruitment agencies, online job platforms and large employers that scans your job application documents for key words or phrases. Your resume should be tailored for each job you are applying for and will reflect keywords or phrases in alignment with the job advertisement. Please note – if you resume is not keyword rich the ATS can delete your documents and will not be seen by a human eye.
  1. Keep it Short – your resume should be no longer than two pages.

Whether you are considering a casual Christmas job, a full-time position or casual employment during university studies this is a great time to update your resume – please contact Katie Robertson-Kelk – Director/Owner of ECM Consulting to book an appointment.

Katie Robertson-Kelk has over 18 years’ experience in professionally developed resumes and other job application documents for clients ranging from students through to management, across Queensland, Australia and overseas.